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Icon for XRay, a Rhino plugin from the Falcata Group.


XRay is a plugin for the Rhino3D Modeling/CAD package. 

XRay enables the creator or consumer of a drawing/model to review details of model geometry with an unobtrusive interface, independent units settings, and easy copy/paste of tabular data to Excel.

XRay can be positioned off to the side and remain open while you work. It reports on the currently selected object(s).

Note: XRay is not a modal popup window like Rhino’s ‘What’ command, and it provides much more information.


XRay plugin in a Rhino window showing bounding box, volume and center, and face plus edge details for an SubD ellipsoid.
XRay is an additional window within Rhino which displays geometry details for Rhino model components. This example is a SubD ellipsoid.
XRay plugin window in Rhino displaying information about the second segment of a polycurve: bounding box, length, and start and end points.
XRay lets you view details of subobjects within Rhino, such as this segment of a polycurve.
A pair of XRay plugin windows opened in Rhino, diplaying information about two line segments in a Polyline including bounding boxes, length, and start plus end points.
XRay even allows you examine several Rhino model components simultaneously, such as this view of two adjacent segments of a polyline.

Quick Start Guide

It’s so easy to use that there’s no instruction manual, only the one-page Quick Start Guide for the XRay Rhino3D Plugin.

Download XRay

  • We support Rhino 7 (with recent service updates) and 8.
  • Download a copy using Rhino’s Tools -> Package Manager menu.
  • Type Xray in the search bar and wait for Rhino to finish downloading its list of plugins.
  • One single command to remember- ‘xray’ when you want to activate it.
  • For a free 15 day trial, add the license key FLCT-XP00-0000-0000-0000-0000 to your mcneel.com Cloud Zoo account.

We are currently seeking BETA testers who are willing to give feedback.

BETA Testers Wanted

Are you a Rhino3D CAD/Modeling user?

We are looking for a small group of BETA testers for our XRay plugin.

Contact us to become a BETA Tester.