Falcata trees against a blue sky with clouds, on a Nuku Hiva hillside, evocative of the Falcata Group logo.


Our Story

Our founder, a seasoned software developer and engineer, had been working on a set of engineering design tools which were to use Rhino3D as the user interface. While experienced with several development stacks and programming languages, he realized that for many engineering applications it would be better to maintain focus on the analysis or data problem and not to inadvertently (and badly!) reinvent CAD features. The Rhino3D developers and user community provide great support to each other so it, plus wide adoption in the marine engineering community he was familiar with, made Rhino the logical choice. A flexible plugin API allows a range of development models from running entirely inside Rhino to cooperating with it as a separate application.

In the course of one of these projects, a ship stability tool for the marine community, he produced several general purpose Rhino tools which had been intended for his own use but halfway through he realized “I’d buy this!”.

In mid and late 2023, a once in a lifetime opportunity to do some sailing in the South Pacific presented itself. The trip evolved to include extended stays in Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa, and then Tahiti, French Polynesia.

The vibrant scenery and culture there inspired the name “Falcata Group.” The falcata is a picturesque tree which thrives on the verdant hillsides of tropical islands. Sometimes they almost resemble full scale bonsai trees with their neatly clumped leaves and weathered profile. Those greens combined with the blues of sea and sky and the brown and grey of exposed rock, changing with the season and rains, make for stunningly beautiful scenery.