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Who processes payments? Is my financial information protected?

Online purchases are conducted through Digital River. They are the merchant of record, which means that the details of the purchase are much like a customer walking into a store and buying a piece of software: because of the license keys, the publisher is aware that a sale has happened but is not involved in the actual sale. Falcata Group does not retain or even have access to the details of payments such as credit card numbers.


How does Rhino plugin licensing work?

Your plugin license(s) use Rhino’s Cloud Licensing framework and, as for Rhino, connected to your McNeel Rhino account. License types are individual (a person) and ‘seat’: a certain number of licenses for a group of individuals. The latter model may be convenient for businesses or teams in which some members only need licenses occasionally and can share them with only one member using one license at a time. The Rhino Cloud Licensing framework for plugins when used for teams is designed to support longer-period sharing such as for the duration of a project, not a rapidly changing set of users such as “night shift vs day shift”.

We use the same licensing tools as McNeel provides for Rhino itself. This eliminates the risk of ‘losing’ a license if a computer suddenly stops working. As for Rhino, your local license is renewed periodically and thus regular but not continuous network connectivity is required. McNeel’s documentation describes how to renew licenses in situations such as impending travel to avoid situations such as the license trying to renew during airline travel.

Tech Support

Where can I find a copy of XRay?

XRay is currently in Beta testing. Upon release, a copy will be posted at food4rhino.com and uploaded to the Rhino Package Manager.

How do I install XRay?

Copy the XRay file to a convenient place on your computer. Inside Rhino, use the File->Properties menu then the Plugins option. There’s an install button in the lower part of the form.

Or, drag and drop the XRay file into Rhino.

Where do I find answers for questions regarding object selection, model issues, and other Rhino issues?

The McNeel employee and Rhino3D user community at https://discourse.mcneel.com is extremely helpful. If the question is more specific to the XRay plugin, use the XRay tag in posting your question.

What versions of Rhino are supported for Windows?

XRay is designed and tested to work in Rhino 8 and Rhino 7.35 or newer.

Will XRay run on Rhino for Mac?

We plan to support Rhino 8 for Mac but haven’t begun testing yet. Rhino 8 for Windows and Mac uses .NET Core 7 and the plugin introduces no dependencies, so this should be straightforward.

Unfortunately, in Rhino 8 support for .NET Core 7 is not guaranteed. For this reason, we distribute XRay for Windows as a .NET 4.8 package in order to be able to run regardless of user settings.

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