A tropical hillside covered with falcata trees, which inspired the Falcata Group logo.


  • Rhino3D V8 RhinoCommon Class Heirarchy (For Devs)

    A few Rhino3D plugin and script developers including myself have been in need of a class diagram for the RhinoCommon library for tasks like quickly finding all subclasses of a given class. I have prepared a Rhino3D V8 Class Inheritance Diagram which I find useful particularly for the GeometryBase and RhinoObject subclasses..

  • XRay Plugin Enters Beta

    Our XRay plugin for Rhino3D is entering beta. XRay is licensed using CloudZoo from the creators of Rhino3D. For testers, this is free and requires no payment or personal information other than the necessary license link to their Rhino account. Beta users may either:

    1. request to be added to a McNeel user group with a pool of licenses: indefinite duration for active and helpful testers
    2. Add a 15 day trial license to their McNeel Cloud Zoo account at https://www.rhino3d.com/my-account/ using the registration code FLCT-XP00-0000-0000-0000

  • XRay Rhino3D Plugin Approaches Release

    Icon for XRay, a Rhino plugin from the Falcata Group.Falcata Group’s XRay plugin is entering a closed beta phase.

    Feature development is complete until beta unless issues crop up. The work remaining is testing and tasks unrelated to the features such as packaging and signing. We look forward to sharing this tool. Our goal is to enter a more open beta phase sometime in late November or early December. Anyone with a special interest in taking an early look is invited to contact us. We would be particularly interested in hearing from trainers, resellers, and early adopters with experience in understanding how different groups of Rhino users approach problems and use information from the Rhino models.